Pronunciation: (u-krôs', u-kros'), [key]
1. from one side to the other of: a bridge across a river.
2. on or to the other side of; beyond: across the sea.
3. into contact with; into the presence of, usually by accident: to come across an old friend; to run across a first edition of Byron.
4. crosswise of or transversely to the length of something; athwart: coats across the bed; straddled across the boundary line.

1. from one side to another.
2. on the other side: We'll soon be across.
3. crosswise; transversely: with arms across.
4. so as to be understood or learned: He couldn't get the idea across to the class.
5. into a desired or successful state: to put a business deal across.

being in a crossed or transverse position; crosswise: an across pattern of supporting beams.

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