Pronunciation: (aj'i-tāt"), [key]
v., -tat•ed, -tat•ing.

1. to move or force into violent, irregular action: The hurricane winds agitated the sea.
2. to shake or move briskly: The machine agitated the mixture.
3. to move to and fro; impart regular motion to.
4. to disturb or excite emotionally; arouse; perturb: a crowd agitated to a frenzy by impassioned oratory; a man agitated by disquieting news.
5. to call attention to by speech or writing; discuss; debate: to agitate the question.
6. to consider on all sides; revolve in the mind; plan.

to arouse or attempt to arouse public interest and support, as in some political or social cause or theory: to agitate for the repeal of a tax.

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