Pronunciation: (al'un), [key]
1. (Charles) Grant (Blair•fin•die) Pronunciation: (blâr-fin'dē), [key] (“Cecil Power,” “J. Arbuthnot Wilson”), 1848–99, British philosophical writer and novelist.
2. Ethan, 1738–89, American soldier in the Revolutionary War: leader of the “Green Mountain Boys” of Vermont.
3. Fred (John Florence Sullivan), 1894–1956, U.S. comedian.
4. Frederick Lewis, 1890–1954, U.S. historian and editor.
5. Gracie (Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen), 1905–64, U.S. comedian (partner and wife of George Burns).
6. Richard, 1760–1831, U.S. clergyman: a founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
7. (William) Her•vey Pronunciation: (hûr'vē), [key] 1889–1949, U.S. novelist, poet, and biographer.
8. Woody (Allen Stewart Konigsberg), born 1935, U.S. comedian, author, actor, and filmmaker.
9. a male given name.

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