Pronunciation: (ang'kur-ij), [key]
1. that portion of a harbor or area outside a harbor suitable for anchoring or in which ships are permitted to anchor.
2. a charge for occupying such an area.
3. the act of anchoring or the state of being anchored.
4. that to which anything is fastened.
5. a means of anchoring or making fast.
6. something that can be relied on: The Bible is her anchorage.
7. (in a suspension bridge) a massive masonry or concrete construction securing a cable at each end.
8. Dentistry.
a. an abutment.
b. the locking in of a tooth filling by means of an undercut.


Pronunciation: (ang'kur-ij), [key]
a seaport in S Alaska: earthquake 1964. 173,017.

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