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Pronunciation: (är'nld), [key]
1. Benedict, 1741–1801, American general in the Revolutionary War who became a traitor.
2. Sir Edwin, 1832–1904, English poet and journalist.
3. Henry H. (“Hap”), 1886–1950, U.S. general.
4. Matthew, 1822–88, English essayist, poet, and literary critic.
5. his father,Thomas, 1795–1842, English clergyman, educator, historian, and writer.
6. Thur•man Wesley Pronunciation: (thûr'mun), [key] 1891–1969, U.S. lawyer and writer.
7. a town in E Missouri. 19,141.
8. a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “eagle” and “power.”

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