Pronunciation: (ô'stun), [key]
1. Alfred, 1835–1913, English poet: poet laureate 1896–1913.
2. John, 1790–1859, English writer on law.
3. John Lang•shaw Pronunciation: (lang'shô), [key] 1911–60, British philosopher.
4. Mary (Hunter), 1868–1934, U.S. novelist, playwright, and short-story writer.
5. Stephen Fuller, 1793–1836, American colonizer in Texas.
6. Warren Robinson, 1877–1962, U.S. diplomat.
7. See Augustine, Saint (def. 2).
8. a city in and the capital of Texas, in the central part, on the Colorado River. 345,496.
9. a city in SE Minnesota. 23,020.
10. a male given name, form of Augustus.

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