Pronunciation: (bā'kun), [key]
1. the back and sides of the hog, salted and dried or smoked, usually sliced thin and fried for food.
2. Also called white bacon. South Midland and Southern U.S.pork cured in brine; salt pork.
3. bring home the bacon,
a. to provide for material needs; earn a living.
b. to accomplish a task; be successful or victorious: Our governor went to Washington to appeal for disaster relief and brought home the bacon—$40 million.
4. save one's bacon, allow one to accomplish a desired end; spare one from injury or loss: Quick thinking saved our bacon.


Pronunciation: (bā'kun), [key]
1. Francis (Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Albans), 1561–1626, English essayist, philosopher, and statesman.
2. Francis, 1910–92, English painter, born in Ireland.
3. Henry, 1866–1924, U.S. architect.
4. Nathaniel, 1647–76, American colonist, born in England: leader of a rebellion in Virginia 1676.
5. Roger (“The Admirable Doctor”), 1214?–94?, English philosopher and scientist.

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