Pronunciation: (bär), [key]
n., v., barred, bar•ring,

1. a relatively long, evenly shaped piece of some solid substance, as metal or wood, used as a guard or obstruction or for some mechanical purpose: the bars of a cage.
2. an oblong piece of any solid material: a bar of soap; a candy bar.
3. the amount of material in a bar.
4. an ingot, lump, or wedge of gold or silver.
5. a long ridge of sand, gravel, or other material near or slightly above the surface of the water at or near the mouth of a river or harbor entrance, often constituting an obstruction to navigation.
6. anything that obstructs, hinders, or impedes; obstacle; barrier: a bar to important legislation.
7. a counter or place where beverages, esp. liquors, or light meals are served to customers: a snack bar; a milk bar.
8. a barroom or tavern.
9. (in a home) a counter, small wagon, or similar piece of furniture for serving food or beverages: a breakfast bar.
10. the legal profession.
11. the practicing members of the legal profession in a given community.
12. any tribunal: the bar of public opinion.
13. a band or strip: a bar of light.
14. a railing in a courtroom separating the general public from the part of the room occupied by the judges, jury, attorneys, etc.
15. a crowbar.
16. Music.
a. Also called bar line. the line marking the division between two measures of music.
b. See double bar.
c. the unit of music contained between two bar lines; measure.
17. Ballet.barre.
18. Law.
a. an objection that nullifies an action or claim.
b. a stoppage or defeat of an alleged right of action.
19. Typography.a horizontal stroke of a type character, as of an A, H, t, and sometimes e.
20. Archit.(in tracery) a relatively long and slender upright of stone treated as a colonette or molded.
21. Building Trades.
a. an iron or steel shape: I-bar.
b. a muntin.
22. of a pair of metal or cloth insignia worn by certain commissioned officers.
23. bars,the transverse ridges on the roof of the mouth of a horse.
24. a space between the molar and canine teeth of a horse into which the bit is fitted.
25. (in a bridle) the mouthpiece connecting the cheeks.
26. bride2 (def. 1).
27. Heraldry.a horizontal band, narrower than a fess, that crosses the field of an escutcheon.
28. Obs.a gateway capable of being barred.
29. at bar, Law.
a. before the court and being tried: a case at bar.
b. before all the judges of a court: a trial at bar.
30. behind bars, in jail: We wanted the criminal behind bars.

1. to equip or fasten with a bar or bars: Bar the door before retiring for the night.
2. to block by or as if by bars: The police barred the exits in an attempt to prevent the thief 's escape.
3. to prevent or hinder: They barred her entrance to the club.
4. to exclude or except: He was barred from membership because of his reputation.
5. to mark with bars, stripes, or bands.

except; omitting; but: bar none.


Pronunciation: (bär), [key]
n. Physics.
1. a centimeter-gram-second unit of pressure, equal to one million dynes per square centimeter.
2. (formerly) microbar. Abbr.: b




1. barometer.
2. barometric.
3. barrel.
4. barrister.


Bachelor of Architecture.

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