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Pronunciation: (bärb), [key]
1. a point or pointed part projecting backward from a main point, as of a fishhook or arrowhead. See illus. under fishhook.
2. an obviously or openly unpleasant or carping remark.
3. Bot., Zool.a hooked or sharp bristle.
4. Ornith.one of the processes attached to the rachis of a feather. See illus. under feather.
5. one of a breed of domestic pigeons, similar to the carriers or homers, having a short, broad bill.
6. any of numerous, small, Old World cyprinid fishes of the genera Barbus and Puntius, often kept in aquariums.
7. Usually, barbs. Vet. Pathol.a small protuberance under the tongue in horses and cattle, esp. when inflamed and swollen.
8. Also,barbe.a linen covering for the throat and breast, formerly worn by women mourners and now only by some nuns.
9. Obs.a beard.

to furnish with a barb or barbs.


Pronunciation: (bärb), [key]
one of a breed of horses raised originally in Barbary.


Pronunciation: (bärb), [key]
n. Slang.

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