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Pronunciation: (bärt'lit), [key]
n. Hort.
a large, yellow, juicy variety of pear. Also called Bart'lett pear'.


Pronunciation: (bärt'lit), [key]
1. John, 1820–1905, U.S. publisher: compiled Familiar Quotations.
2. John Russell, 1805–86, U.S. editor and bibliographer of early Americana.
3. Josiah, 1729–95, U.S. physician and statesman.
4. Paul Wayland, 1865–1925, U.S. sculptor.
5. Robert Abram, 1875–1946, U.S. arctic explorer, born in Newfoundland.
6. Vernon, born 1894, English writer.
7. a town in SW Tennessee. 17,170.
8. a town in NE Illinois. 13,254.
9. a male given name, form of Bartholomew.

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