Pronunciation: (bērd), [key]
1. the growth of hair on the face of an adult man, often including a mustache.
2. Zool.a tuft, growth, or part resembling or suggesting a human beard, as the tuft of long hairs on the lower jaw of a goat or the cluster of hairlike feathers at the base of the bill in certain birds.
3. Bot.a tuft or growth of awns or the like, as on wheat or barley.
4. a barb or catch on an arrow, fishhook, knitting needle, crochet needle, etc.
5. Also called bevel neck. Print.
a. the sloping part of a type that connects the face with the shoulder of the body.
b. Brit.the space on a type between the bottom of the face of an x-high character and the edge of the body, comprising both beard and shoulder.
c. the cross stroke on the stem of a capital G. See diag. under type.

1. to seize, pluck, or pull the beard of: The hoodlums bearded the old man.
2. to oppose boldly; defy: It took courage for the mayor to beard the pressure groups.
3. to supply with a beard.


Pronunciation: (bērd), [key]
1. Charles Austin, 1874–1948, and his wife Mary, 1876–1958, U.S. historians.
2. Daniel Carter, 1850–1941, U.S. artist and naturalist: organized the Boy Scouts of America in 1910.

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