Pronunciation: (bi-lā'), [key]
v., -layed, -lay•ing,

1. fasten (a rope) by winding around a pin or short rod inserted in a holder so that both ends of the rod are clear.
2. Mountain Climbing.
a. to secure (a person) by attaching to one end of a rope.
b. to secure (a rope) by attaching to a person or to an object offering stable support.
3. (used chiefly in the imperative)
a. to cease (an action); stop.
b. to ignore (an announcement, order, etc.): Belay that, the meeting will be at 0900 instead of 0800.

to belay a rope: Belay on that cleat over there.

Mountain Climbing.a rock, bush, or other object sturdy enough for a running rope to be passed around it to secure a hold.

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