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Pronunciation: (bur-lin', bûr'lin), [key]
1. a large, four-wheeled, closed carriage hung between two perches and having two interior seats.
2. Auto.berline.
3. (sometimes cap.) See Berlin wool.


Pronunciation: (bur-lin' for 1, 2; bûr'lin for 3, 4; for 2 also Ger. ber-lēn'), [key]
1. Irving, born 1888, U.S. songwriter.
2. the capital of Germany, in the NE part: constitutes a state. 3,121,000; 341 sq. mi. (883 sq. km.). Formerly (1948-90) divided into a western zone (West Berlin), a part of West Germany; and an eastern zone (East Berlin), the capital of East Germany.
3. a town in central Connecticut. 15,121.
4. a city in N New Hampshire. 13,084.

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