Pronunciation: (bûrth), [key]
1. a shelflike sleeping space, as on a ship, airplane, or railroad car.
2. Naut.
a. the space allotted to a vessel at anchor or at a wharf.
b. the distance maintained between a vessel and the shore, another vessel, or any object.
c. the position or rank of a ship's officer.
d. the cabin of a ship's officer.
3. a job; position.
4. a place, listing, or role: She clinched a berth on our tennis team.
5. give a wide berth to, to shun; remain discreetly away from: Since his riding accident, he has given a wide berth to skittish horses.

1. Naut.
a. to allot to (a vessel) a certain space at which to anchor or tie up.
b. to bring to or install in a berth, anchorage, or moorage: The captain had to berth the ship without the aid of tugboats.
2. to provide with a sleeping space, as on a train.

v.i. come to a dock, anchorage, or moorage.

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