Pronunciation: (blits), [key]
1. Mil.
a. an overwhelming all-out attack, esp. a swift ground attack using armored units and air support.
b. an intensive aerial bombing.
2. any swift, vigorous attack, barrage, or defeat: a blitz of commercials every few minutes.
3. Football.act or instance of charging directly for (the passer) as soon as the ball is snapped; red-dogging.
4. bingo.

1. to attack or defeat with or as if with a blitz: The town was blitzed mercilessly by enemy planes. The visitors really blitzed the home team.
2. to destroy; demolish: His last-minute refusal blitzed all our plans.

1. charge directly and immediately at the passer; red-dog.
2. to move in the manner of a blitz: a car that will blitz through rough terrain.

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