Pronunciation: (blot), [key]
n., v., blot•ted, blot•ting.

1. a spot or stain, esp. of ink on paper.
2. a blemish on a person's character or reputation: He had been haunted by a blot on his past.
3. erasure or obliteration, as in a writing.

1. to spot, stain, soil, or the like.
2. to darken; make dim; obscure or eclipse (usually fol. by out): We watched as the moon blotted out the sun.
3. to dry with absorbent paper or the like: to blot the wet pane.
4. to remove with absorbent paper or the like.

1. to make a blot; spread ink, dye, etc., in a stain: The more slowly I write, the more this pen blots.
2. to become blotted or stained: This paper blots too easily.
3. transfer an array of separated components of a mixture to a chemically treated paper for analysis. Cf. gel, gel electrophoresis.
4. blot out,
a. to make indistinguishable; obliterate: to blot out a name from the record.
b. to wipe out completely; destroy: Whole cities were blotted out by bombs.


Pronunciation: (blot), [key]
1. exposed piece liable to be taken or forfeited.
2. exposed or weak point, as in an argument or course of action.

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