Pronunciation: (brōch), [key]
1. elongated, tapered, serrated cutting tool for shaping and enlarging holes.
2. a spit for roasting meat.
3. a gimlet for tapping casks.
4. (in a lock) a pin receiving the barrel of a key.
5. Also,broach' spire". octagonal spire rising directly from a tower without any intervening feature.
6. Masonry.a pointed tool for the rough dressing of stone.
7. brooch.

1. to enlarge and finish with a broach.
2. to mention or suggest for the first time: to broach a subject.
3. to draw (beer, liquor, etc.), as by tapping: to broach beer from a keg.
4. to tap or pierce.
5. shape or dress (a block of stone).

1. Naut.(of a sailing vessel) to veer to windward.
2. to break the surface of water; rise from the sea, as a fish or a submarine.

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