Pronunciation: (bronz), [key]
n., v., bronzed, bronz•ing,

1. Metall.
a. any of various alloys consisting essentially of copper and tin, the tin content not exceeding 11 percent.
b. any of various other alloys having a large copper content.
2. a metallic brownish color.
3. a work of art, as a statue, statuette, bust, or medal, composed of bronze.
4. Numis.a coin made of bronze, esp. one from the Roman Empire.

1. to give the appearance or color of bronze to.
2. to make brown, as by exposure to the sun: The sun bronzed his face.
3. Print.
a. to apply a fine metallic powder to (the ink of a printed surface) in order to create a glossy effect.
b. to apply a fine metallic powder to (areas of a reproduction proof on acetate) in order to increase opacity.

having the color bronze.

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