Pronunciation: (bug'ē), [key]
pl. -gies.

1. a light, four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage with a single seat and a transverse spring.
2. (in India) a light, two-wheeled carriage with a folding top.
3. See baby carriage.
4. Older automobile, esp. an old or dilapidated one.
5. a small wagon or truck for transporting heavy materials, as coal in a mine or freshly mixed concrete at a construction site, for short distances.
6. Metall.a car, as for transporting ingots or charges for open-hearth furnaces.
7. any of various small vehicles adapted for use on a given terrain, as on sand beaches or swamps.
8. Brit.a light, two-wheeled, open carriage.


Pronunciation: (bug'ē), [key]
adj., -gi•er, -gi•est.
1. infested with bugs.
2. Slang.crazy; insane; peculiar.

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