Pronunciation: (bum), [key]
n., v., bummed, bum•ming,
adj., bum•mer, bum•mest.

1. a person who avoids work and sponges on others; loafer; idler.
2. a tramp, hobo, or derelict.
3. enthusiast of a specific sport or recreational activity, esp. one who gives it priority over work, family life, etc.: a ski bum; a tennis bum.
4. incompetent person.
5. a drunken orgy; debauch.
6. on the bum, Informal.
a. living or traveling as or in a manner suggesting that of a hobo or tramp.
b. in a state of disrepair or disorder: The oven is on the bum again.

1. borrow without expectation of returning; get for nothing; cadge: He's always bumming cigarettes from me.
2. ruin or spoil: The weather bummed our whole weekend.

1. to sponge on others for a living; lead an idle or dissolute life.
2. to live as a hobo.
3. bum around, travel, wander, or spend one's time aimlessly: We bummed around for a couple of hours after work.
4. bum (someone) out, disappoint, upset, or annoy: It really bummed me out that she could have helped and didn't.

adj. Slang.
1. of poor, wretched, or miserable quality; worthless.
2. disappointing; unpleasant.
3. erroneous or ill-advised; misleading: That tip on the stock market was a bum steer.
4. lame: a bum leg.


Pronunciation: (bum), [key]
n. Chiefly Brit. Slang.
the buttocks; rump.


Pronunciation: (bum), [key]
n. Mil. Slang.
1. a reproduction of a document made with copying equipment.
2. a bag into which classified waste is put in preparation for destruction.

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