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Pronunciation: (kan'un), [key]
n., pl. -nons, (esp. collectively) -non,

1. a mounted gun for firing heavy projectiles; a gun, howitzer, or mortar.
2. Brit. Mach.quill (def. 10).
3. Armor.a cylindrical or semicylindrical piece of plate armor for the upper arm or forearm; a vambrace or rerebrace.
4. Also called cannon bit, canon bit. a round bit for a horse.
5. the part of a bit that is in the horse's mouth.
6. (on a bell) the metal loop by which a bell is hung.
7. Zool.
a. See cannon bone.
b. the part of the leg in which the cannon bone is situated. See diag. under horse.
8. Brit.a carom in billiards.
9. Underworld Slang.a pickpocket.

1. to discharge cannon.
2. Brit.to make a carom in billiards.


Pronunciation: (kan'un), [key]
1. Annie Jump Pronunciation: (jump), [key] 1863–1941, U.S. astronomer.
2. Joseph Gur•ney Pronunciation: (gûr'nē), [key] (“Uncle Joe”), 1836–1926, U.S. politician and legislator.

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