Pronunciation: (kap), [key]
n., v., capped, cap•ping.

1. a close-fitting covering for the head, usually of soft supple material and having no visor or brim.
2. a brimless head covering with a visor, as a baseball cap.
3. mobcap.
4. a headdress denoting rank, occupation, religious order, or the like: a nurse's cap.
5. mortarboard (def. 2).
6. Math.the symbol ∩, used to indicate the intersection of two sets. Cf. intersection (def. 3a).
7. anything resembling or suggestive of a covering for the head in shape, use, or position: a cap on a bottle.
8. summit; top; acme.
9. a maximum limit, as one set by law or agreement on prices, wages, spending, etc., during a certain period of time; ceiling: a 9 percent cap on pay increases for this year.
10. Mycol.the pileus of a mushroom.
11. Bot.calyptra (def. 1).
12. Mining.a short, horizontal beam at the top of a prop for supporting part of a roof.
13. a percussion cap.
14. Brit. Sports.a selection for a representative team, usually for a national squad.
15. a noise-making device for toy pistols, made of a small quantity of explosive wrapped in paper or other thin material.
16. Naut.a fitting of metal placed over the head of a spar, as a mast or bowsprit, and having a collar for securing an additional spar.
17. a new tread applied to a worn pneumatic tire.
18. Archit.a capital.
19. Carpentry.a metal plate placed over the iron of a plane to break the shavings as they rise.
20. Fox Hunting.See capping fee.
21. Chiefly Brit. Slang.a contraceptive diaphragm.
22. cap in hand, humbly; in supplication: He went to his father cap in hand and begged his forgiveness.
23. set one's cap for, to pursue as being a potential mate.

1. to provide or cover with or as if with a cap.
2. to complete.
3. follow up with something as good or better; surpass; outdo: to cap one joke with another.
4. to serve as a cap, covering, or top to; overlie.
5. to put a maximum limit on (prices, wages, spending, etc.).
6. Brit. select (a player) for a representative team.

Fox hunt with a hunting club of which one is not a member, on payment of a capping fee.


Pronunciation: (kap), [key]
n., v., capped, cap•ping.

1. a capital letter.
2. Usually, caps. uppercase: Please set the underlined in caps.

to write or print in capital letters, or make an initial letter a capital; capitalize.


Pronunciation: (kap), [key]
n. Slang.
a capsule, esp. of a narcotic drug.


1. See Civil Air Patrol.
2. Common Agricultural Policy: a coordinated system established in 1960 by the European Economic Community for stabilizing prices of farm products of its member countries.
3. computer-aided publishing.
4. Stock Exchange.convertible adjustable preferred (stock). Also,C.A.P. (for defs. 1, 2, 4).


1. capacity.
2. (in prescriptions) let the patient take.
3. capital.
4. capitalize.
5. capitalized.
6. capital letter.
7. chapter.
8. foolscap.

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