Pronunciation: (kärd), [key]
1. a usually rectangular piece of stiff paper, thin pasteboard, or plastic for various uses, as to write information on or printed as a means of identifying the holder: a 3" × 5" file card; a membership card.
2. one of a set of thin pieces of cardboard with spots, figures, etc., used in playing various games; playing card.
3. cards, (usually used with a sing. v.)
a. a game or games played with such a set.
b. the playing of such a game: to win at cards.
c. Casino. the winning of 27 cards or more.
d. Whist.tricks won in excess of six.
4. Also called greeting card. a piece of paper or thin cardboard, usually folded, printed with a message of holiday greeting, congratulations, or other sentiment, often with an illustration or decorations, for mailing to a person on an appropriate occasion.
5. something useful in attaining an objective, as a course of action or position of strength, comparable to a high card held in a game: If negotiation fails, we still have another card to play.
6. postcard.
7. See calling card (def. 1).
8. Com.
a. See credit card.
b. See bank card.
9. a program of the events at races, boxing matches, etc.
10. scorecard.
11. a menu or wine list.
12. See compass card.
13. Computers.
a. See punch card.
b. board (def. 14a).
14. See trading card.
15. Informal.
a. a person who is amusing or facetious.
b. any person, esp. one with some indicated characteristic: a queer card.
16. in or on the cards, impending or likely; probable: A reorganization is in the cards.
17. play one's cards right, to act cleverly, sensibly, or cautiously: If you play your cards right, you may get mentioned in her will.
18. put one's cards on the table, to be completely straightforward and open; conceal nothing: He always believed in putting his cards on the table.

1. to provide with a card.
2. to fasten on a card.
3. to write, list, etc., on cards.
4. examine the identity card or papers of: The bartender was carding all youthful customers to be sure they were of legal drinking age.


Pronunciation: (kärd), [key]
n. Also called carding machine.
1. a machine for combing and paralleling fibers of cotton, flax, wool, etc., prior to spinning to remove short, undesirable fibers and produce a sliver.
2. a similar implement for raising the nap on cloth.

1. to dress (wool or the like) with a card.
2. card out, add extra space between lines of text, so as to fill out a page or column or give the text a better appearance.



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