Pronunciation: (kas'ul, kä'sul), [key]
n., v., -tled, -tling.

1. a fortified, usually walled residence, as of a prince or noble in feudal times.
2. the chief and strongest part of the fortifications of a medieval city.
3. a strongly fortified, permanently garrisoned stronghold.
4. a large and stately residence, esp. one, with high walls and towers, that imitates the form of a medieval castle.
5. any place providing security and privacy: It may be small, but my home is my castle.
6. Chess.the rook.

1. to place or enclose in or as in a castle.
2. move (the king) in castling.

v.i. Chess.
1. to move the king two squares horizontally and bring the appropriate rook to the square the king has passed over.
2. (of the king) to be moved in this manner.


Pronunciation: (kas'ul, kä'sul), [key]
Irene (Foote), 1893–1969, born in the U.S., and her husband and partner Vernon (Vernon Castle Blythe), 1887–1918, born in England, U.S. ballroom dancers.

Castle, The

(German, Das Schloss), a novel (1926) by Franz Kafka.

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