Pronunciation: (sen'chu-rē), [key]
pl. -ries.

1. a period of 100 years.
2. one of the successive periods of 100 years reckoned forward or backward from a recognized chronological epoch, esp. from the assumed date of the birth of Jesus.
3. any group or collection of 100: a century of limericks.
4. (in the ancient Roman army) a company, consisting of approximately 100 men.
5. one of the voting divisions of the ancient Roman people, each division having one vote.
6. (cap.) Print.a style of type.
7. Slang.a hundred-dollar bill; 100 dollars.
8. Sports.a race of 100 yards or meters, as in track or swimming, or of 100 miles, as in bicycle racing.
9. Cricket.a score of at least 100 runs made by one batsman in a single inning.

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