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Pronunciation: (chôk), [key]
1. a soft, white, powdery limestone consisting chiefly of fossil shells of foraminifers.
2. a prepared piece of chalk or chalklike substance for marking, as a blackboard crayon.
3. a mark made with chalk.
4. a score or tally.

1. to mark or write with chalk.
2. to rub over or whiten with chalk.
3. to treat or mix with chalk: to chalk a billiard cue.
4. to make pale; blanch: Terror chalked her face.

1. (of paint) to powder from weathering.
2. chalk up,
a. to score or earn: They chalked up two runs in the first inning.
b. to charge or ascribe to: It was a poor performance, but may be chalked up to lack of practice.

of, made of, or drawn with chalk.

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