Pronunciation: (chan'su-rē, chän'-), [key]
pl. -cer•ies.

1. the office or department of a chancellor; chancellery.
2. an office of public records, esp. those of the Lord Chancellor in England.
3. (in England) the Lord Chancellor's court, now a division of the High Court of Justice.
4. Law.
a. Also called court of chancery. a court having jurisdiction in equity; court of equity.
b. equity (defs. 3a, b).
5. the administrative office of a diocese.
6. Rom. Cath. Ch.a department of the Curia Romana now having the responsibility for issuing bulls to establish new dioceses, benefices, etc.
7. in chancery,
a. litigation in a court of chancery.
b. Wrestling, Boxing.(of a contestant's head) held under an opponent's arm.
c. in a helpless or embarrassing position.

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