Pronunciation: (kē'lāt), [key]
adj., n., v., -lat•ed, -lat•ing.

1. Chem.
a. of or noting a heterocyclic compound having a central metallic ion attached by covalent bonds to two or more nonmetallic atoms in the same molecule.
b. of or noting a compound having a cyclic structure resulting from the formation of one or more hydrogen bonds in the same molecule.
2. Zool.having a chela or chelae.

Chem.a chelate compound.

v.i. Chem.
1. (of a heterocyclic compound) to react to form a chelate.
2. (of a compound) to form a ring by forming one or more hydrogen bonds.

v.t. combine (an organic compound) with a metallic ion to form a chelate.

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chelachelating agent
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