Pronunciation: (chip), [key]
n., v., chipped, chip•ping.

1. a small, slender piece, as of wood, separated by chopping, cutting, or breaking.
2. a very thin slice or small piece of food, candy, etc.: chocolate chips.
3. a mark or flaw made by the breaking off or gouging out of a small piece: This glass has a chip.
4. any of the small round disks, usually of plastic or ivory, used as tokens for money in certain gambling games, as roulette or poker; counter.
5. Also called microchip. Electronics.a tiny slice of semiconducting material, generally in the shape of a square a few millimeters long, cut from a larger wafer of the material, on which a transistor or an entire integrated circuit is formed. Cf. microprocessor.
6. a small cut or uncut piece of a diamond or crystal.
7. anything trivial or worthless.
8. something dried up or without flavor.
9. a piece of dried dung: buffalo chips.
10. wood, straw, etc., in thin strips for weaving into hats, baskets, etc.
11. Golf.See chip shot.
12. Tennis.a softly sliced return shot with heavy backspin.
13. the strip of material removed by a recording stylus as it cuts the grooves in a record.
14. chips, Chiefly Brit.French fries.
15. chip off the old block, a person who resembles one parent in appearance or behavior: His son is just a chip off the old block.
16. chip on one's shoulder, a disposition to quarrel: You will never make friends if you go around with a chip on your shoulder.
17. in the chips, Slang.wealthy; rich: Don't look down on your old friends now that you're in the chips.
18. when the chips are down, in a discouraging or disadvantageous situation; in bad or pressing times: When the chips are down he proves to be a loyal friend.

1. to hew or cut with an ax, chisel, etc.
2. to cut, break off, or gouge out (bits or fragments): He chipped a few pieces of ice from the large cube.
3. to disfigure by breaking off a fragment: to chip the edge of a saucer.
4. to shape or produce by cutting or flaking away pieces: to chip a figure out of wood.
5. bet by means of chips, as in poker.
6. slice (a ball) on a return shot, causing it to have heavy backspin.
7. take (a narcotic drug) occasionally, esp. only in sufficient quantity to achieve a mild euphoria.
8. Chiefly Brit. hit or kick (a ball) a short distance forward.
9. Brit. jeer or criticize severely; deride; taunt.
10. hoe; harrow.

1. to break off in small pieces.
2. make a chip shot.
3. chip in,
a. to contribute money or assistance; participate.
b. bet a chip or chips, as in poker.
c. to interrupt a conversation to say something; butt in: We all chipped in with our suggestions for the reunion.


Pronunciation: (chip), [key]
v., chipped, chip•ping,

to utter a short chirping or squeaking sound; cheep.

a short chirping or squeaking cry.


Pronunciation: (chip), [key]
n. Wrestling.
a tricky or special method by which an opponent can be thrown.

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