Pronunciation: (klas'u-fīd"), [key]
1. arranged or distributed in classes or according to class: We plan to review all the classified specimens in the laboratory.
2. of or designating the part or parts of a publication that contain advertisements or lists arranged by category: Look under “plumbers” in the classified pages of the telephone book. He found a job for a “typist” in the classified section of the newspaper.
3. (of information, a document, etc.)
a. bearing the designation classified.
b. available only to authorized persons. Cf. classification (def. 5).
4. confidential or secret: The firm's promotional budget for next year is classified information.
5. identified as belonging to a specific group or category, as one to which benefits or restrictions apply: Classified buildings are eligible for state-funded restoration. The bank has a list of classified customers to whom it will not make large loans.

See classified ad.

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