Pronunciation: (klik), [key]
1. a slight, sharp sound: At the click of the latch, the dog barked.
2. a small device for preventing backward movement of a mechanism, as a detent or pawl.
3. Phonet.any one of a variety of ingressive, usually implosive, speech sounds, phonemic in some languages, produced by suction occlusion and plosive or affricative release.
4. any one of a variety of familiar sounds used in calling or urging on horses or other animals, in expressing reprimand or sympathy, or produced in audible kissing.

1. to emit or make a slight, sharp sound, or series of such sounds, as by the cocking of a pistol: The door clicked shut.
2. Informal.
a. to succeed; make a hit: If the play clicks, the producer will be rich.
b. to fit together; function well together: They get along in public, but their personalities don't really click.
c. to become intelligible.
3. depress and release a mouse button rapidly, as to select an icon.

1. to cause to click.
2. to strike together with a click: He clicked his heels and saluted.


Pronunciation: (klik), [key]
n. Slang.
a kilometer. Also,klick,klik.

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