Pronunciation: (klin'tn), [key]
1. De Witt Pronunciation: (du wit'), [key] 1769–1828, U.S. political leader and statesman: governor of New York 1817–21, 1825–28 (son of James Clinton).
2. George, 1739–1812, governor of New York 1777–95, 1801–04: vice president of the U.S. 1805–12.
3. Sir Henry, 1738?–95, commander in chief of the British forces in the American Revolutionary War.
4. Hillary Rodham, born 1947, U.S. attorney and social reformer (wife of William J. Clinton).
5. James, 1733–1812, American general in the Revolutionary War (brother of George Clinton).
6. William Jefferson (Bill), born 1946, 42nd president of the U.S. since 1993.
7. a city in E Iowa, on the Mississippi River. 32,828.
8. a city in central Maryland. 16,438.
9. a town in W Mississippi. 14,660.
10. a city in central Massachusetts. 12,771.
11. a town in S Connecticut. 11,195.
12. a male given name.

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