Pronunciation: (kun-sēt'), [key]
1. an excessively favorable opinion of one's own ability, importance, wit, etc.
2. something that is conceived in the mind; a thought; idea: He jotted down the conceits of his idle hours.
3. imagination; fancy.
4. a fancy; whim; fanciful notion.
5. an elaborate, fanciful metaphor, esp. of a strained or far-fetched nature.
6. the use of such metaphors as a literary characteristic, esp. in poetry.
7. a fancy, purely decorative article.
8. Brit. Dial.
a. favorable opinion; esteem.
b. personal opinion or estimation.
9. Obs.the faculty of conceiving; apprehension.
10. out of conceit with, displeased or dissatisfied with.

1. to flatter (esp. oneself).
2. Brit. take a fancy to; have a good opinion of.
3. Obs.
a. to imagine.
b. to conceive; apprehend.

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