Pronunciation: (kun-sēv'), [key]
v., -ceived, -ceiv•ing.

1. to form (a notion, opinion, purpose, etc.): He conceived the project while he was on vacation.
2. to form a notion or idea of; imagine.
3. to hold as an opinion; think; believe: I can't conceive that it would be of any use.
4. to experience or form (a feeling): to conceive a great love for music.
5. to express, as in words.
6. to become pregnant with.
7. to beget.
8. to begin, originate, or found (something) in a particular way (usually used in the passive): a new nation conceived in liberty.
9. understand; comprehend.

1. to form an idea; think (usually fol. by of).
2. to become pregnant.

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