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Pronunciation: (kôr'pur-ul, -prul), [key]
1. of the human body; bodily; physical: corporal suffering.
2. Zool.of the body proper, as distinguished from the head and limbs.
3. personal: corporal possession.
4. Obs.corporeal; belonging to the material world.


Pronunciation: (kôr'pur-ul, -prul), [key]
1. Mil.
a. a noncommissioned officer ranking above a private first class in the U.S. Army or lance corporal in the Marines and below a sergeant.
b. a similar rank in the armed services of other countries.
2. (cap.) a U.S. surface-to-surface, single-stage ballistic missile.


Pronunciation: (kôr'pur-ul, -prul), [key]
n. Eccles.
a fine cloth, usually of linen, on which the consecrated elements are placed or with which they are covered. Also called communion cloth.

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