Pronunciation: (kôr'i-dur, -dôr", kor'-), [key]
1. a gallery or passage connecting parts of a building; hallway.
2. a passage into which several rooms or apartments open.
3. a passageway in a passenger ship or railroad car permitting access to separate cabins or compartments.
4. a narrow tract of land forming a passageway, as one connecting two major cities or one belonging to an inland country and affording an outlet to the sea: the Polish Corridor.
5. a usually densely populated region characterized by one or more well-traveled routes used by railroad, airline, or other carriers: The Northeast corridor extends from Washington, D.C., to Boston.
6. Aeron.a restricted path along which an aircraft must travel to avoid hostile action, other air traffic, etc.
7. Aerospace.a carefully calculated path through the atmosphere along which a space vehicle must travel after launch or during reentry in order to attain a desired orbit, to avoid severe acceleration and deceleration, or to minimize aerodynamic heating.

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