Pronunciation: (krāz), [key]
v., crazed, craz•ing,

1. to derange or impair the mind of; make insane: He was crazed by jealousy.
2. to make small cracks on the surface of (a ceramic glaze, paint, or the like); crackle.
3. Brit. crack.
4. weaken; impair: to craze one's health.
5. break; shatter.

1. to become insane; go mad.
2. to become minutely cracked, as a ceramic glaze; crackle.
3. Metall.
a. (of a case-hardened object) to develop reticulated surface markings; worm.
b. (of an ingot) to develop an alligator skin as a result of being teemed into an old and worn mold.
4. fall to pieces; break.

1. a popular or widespread fad, fashion, etc.; mania: the newest dance craze.
2. insanity; an insane condition.
3. a minute crack or pattern of cracks in the glaze of a ceramic object.
4. Obs.flaw; defect.

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