Pronunciation: (krook), [key]
1. a bent or curved implement, piece, appendage, etc.; hook.
2. the hooked part of anything.
3. an instrument or implement having a bent or curved part, as a shepherd's staff hooked at one end or the crosier of a bishop or abbot.
4. a dishonest person, esp. a sharper, swindler, or thief.
5. a bend, turn, or curve: a crook in the road.
6. the act of crooking or bending.
7. a pothook.
8. Also called shank. a device on some musical wind instruments for changing the pitch, consisting of a piece of tubing inserted into the main tube.

1. to bend; curve; make a crook in.
2. steal, cheat, or swindle: She crooked a ring from that shop.

to bend; curve.


Pronunciation: (krook), [key]
adj. Australian.
1. sick or feeble.
2. ill-humored; angry.
3. out of order; functioning improperly.
4. unsatisfactory; disappointing.

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