Pronunciation: (krôs'kut", kros'-), [key]
adj., n., v., -cut, -cut•ting.

1. made or used for cutting crosswise.
2. cut across the grain or on the bias.

1. a transverse cut or course.
2. a shortcut by way of an area not ordinarily traversed, as grass or open country; a route that cuts diagonally across a road or path network.
3. underground passageway, usually from a shaft to a vein of ore or crosswise of a vein of ore.
4. Motion Pictures, act or instance of crosscutting.
5. a crosscut saw.

1. to cut or go across.
2. Motion Pictures, insert into a scene or sequence (portions of another scene), as to heighten suspense or suggest simultaneous action.

Motion Pictures, employ the technique of crosscutting.

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