Pronunciation: (krud), [key]
n., v., crud•ded, crud•ding.

1. Slang.
a. a deposit or coating of refuse or of an impure or alien substance; muck.
b. a filthy, repulsive, or contemptible person.
c. something that is worthless, objectionable, or contemptible.
d. prevarication, exaggeration, or flattery.
e. a nonspecific, imaginary, or vaguely defined disease or disorder of the body: jungle crud.
f. any unpleasant external ailment, disorder, or the like, as a skin rash.
g. venereal disease, esp. syphilis.
h. Vulgar.dried semen.
2. Dial.curd.
3. Dial.clabber.

v.t., v.i. curd.

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