Pronunciation: (krunch), [key]
1. to crush with the teeth; chew with a crushing noise.
2. to crush or grind noisily.
3. to tighten or squeeze financially: The administration's policy seems to crunch the economy in order to combat inflation.

1. to chew with a crushing sound.
2. to produce, or proceed with, a crushing noise.
3. crunch numbers, Computers.
a. to perform a great many numerical calculations or extensive manipulations of numerical data.
b. to process a large amount of data.

1. an act or sound of crunching.
2. a shortage or reduction of something needed or wanted: the energy crunch.
3. distress or depressed conditions due to such a shortage or reduction: a budget crunch.
4. a critical or dangerous situation: When the crunch comes, just do your best. Also,craunch.

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