Pronunciation: (kuf), [key]
1. a fold or band serving as a trimming or finish for the bottom of a sleeve.
2. a turned-up fold, as at the bottom of a trouser leg.
3. the part of a gauntlet or long glove that extends over the wrist.
4. a separate or detachable band or piece of fabric worn about the wrist, inside or outside of the sleeve.
5. an elasticized, ribbed, or reinforced band at the top of a sock or stocking.
6. a band of leather or other material, wider than a collar, sewed around the outside of the top of a shoe or boot to serve as a trimming or finish.
7. a handcuff.
8. Anat.a bandlike muscle or group of muscles encircling a body part.
9. Furniture.a horizontal strip of veneer used as an ornament on a leg.
10. inflatable wrap placed around the upper arm and used in conjunction with a device for recording blood pressure.
11. off the cuff, Informal.
a. extemporaneously; on the spur of the moment.
b. unofficially or informally: I'm telling you this strictly off the cuff.
12. on the cuff, Slang.
a. with the promise of future payment; on credit.
b. without charge; with no payment expected: He enjoyed his meal the more because it was on the cuff.

1. to make a cuff or cuffs on: to cuff a pair of trousers.
2. to put handcuffs on.


Pronunciation: (kuf), [key]
to strike with the open hand; beat; buffet.

a blow with the fist or the open hand; buffet.

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