Pronunciation: (kyoor'ē, kyoo-rē'), [key]
n. Physics, Chem.
a unit of activity of radioactive substances equivalent to 3.70 × 1010 disintegrations per second: it is approximately the amount of activity produced by 1 g of radium-226. Abbr.: Ci


Pronunciation: (kyoor'ē, kyoo-rē'; Fr. ky-rē'), [key]
1. I•rène Pronunciation: ( Fr. ē-ren'). [key] See Joliot-Curie, Irène.
2. Ma•rie Pronunciation: (mu-rē'; Fr. ma-rē'), [key] 1867–1934, Polish physicist and chemist in France: codiscoverer of radium 1898; Nobel prize for physics 1903, for chemistry 1911.
3. her husband,Pierre Pronunciation: (pē-âr'; Fr. pyer), [key] 1859–1906, French physicist and chemist: codiscoverer of radium; Nobel prize for physics 1903.

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