Pronunciation: (drench), [key]
1. to wet thoroughly; soak.
2. to saturate by immersion in a liquid; steep.
3. to cover or fill completely; bathe: trees drenched with sunlight.
4. Vet. administer a draft of medicine to (an animal), esp. by force: to drench a horse.
5. cause to drink.

1. the act of drenching.
2. something that drenches: a drench of rain.
3. a preparation for drenching or steeping.
4. a solution, esp. one of fermenting bran, for drenching hides or skins.
5. a large drink or draft.
6. a draft of medicine, esp. one administered to an animal by force.
7. Hort.a mixture of pesticide and water applied to the soil surrounding a plant.

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