Pronunciation: (dringk), [key]
v., drank or (Nonstandard) drunk, drunk or, often, drank, drink•ing;

1. to take water or other liquid into the mouth and swallow it; imbibe.
2. to imbibe alcoholic drinks, esp. habitually or to excess; tipple: He never drinks. They won't find jobs until they stop drinking.
3. to show one's respect, affection, or hopes with regard to a person, thing, or event by ceremoniously taking a swallow of wine or some other drink (often fol. by to): They drank to his victory.
4. to be savored or enjoyed by drinking: a wine that will drink deliciously for many years.

1. to take (a liquid) into the mouth and swallow.
2. to take in (a liquid) in any manner; absorb.
3. to take in through the senses, esp. with eagerness and pleasure (often fol. by in): He drank in the beauty of the scene.
4. to swallow the contents of (a cup, glass, etc.).
5. to propose or participate in a toast to (a person, thing, or event): to drink one's health.

1. any liquid that is swallowed to quench thirst, for nourishment, etc.; beverage.
2. liquor; alcohol.
3. excessive indulgence in alcohol: Drink was his downfall.
4. a swallow or draft of liquid; potion: She took a drink of water before she spoke.
5. Informal.a large body of water, as a lake, ocean, river, etc. (usually prec. by the): His teammates threw him in the drink.

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