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Pronunciation: (drōn), [key]
1. the male of the honeybee and other bees, stingless and making no honey. See illus. under bee.
2. a remote control mechanism, as a radio-controlled airplane or boat.
3. a person who lives on the labor of others; parasitic loafer.
4. a drudge.


Pronunciation: (drōn), [key]
v., droned, dron•ing,

1. to make a dull, continued, low, monotonous sound; hum; buzz.
2. to speak in a monotonous tone.
3. to proceed in a dull, monotonous manner (usually fol. by on): The meeting droned on for hours.

to say in a dull, monotonous tone.

1. Music.
a. a continuous low tone produced by the bass pipes or bass strings of musical instruments.
b. the pipes (esp. of the bagpipe) or strings producing this tone.
c. a bagpipe equipped with such pipes.
2. a monotonous low tone; humming or buzzing sound.
3. a person who speaks in a monotonous tone.

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