Pronunciation: (dī), [key]
n., v., dyed, dye•ing.

1. a coloring material or matter.
2. a liquid containing coloring matter, for imparting a particular hue to cloth, paper, etc.
3. color or hue, esp. as produced by dyeing.
4. of the deepest or blackest dye, of the most extreme or the worst sort: a prevaricator of the blackest dye.

1. to color or stain; treat with a dye; color (cloth, hair, etc.) with a substance containing coloring matter: to dye a dress green.
2. to impart (color) by means of a dye: The coloring matter dyed green.

1. to impart color, as a dye: This brand dyes well.
2. to become colored or absorb color when treated with a dye: This cloth dyes easily.

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