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Pronunciation: (ev'unz), [key]
1. Sir Arthur John, 1851–1941, English archaeologist.
2. Dame Edith, 1888–1976, English actress.
3. Herbert Mc•Lean Pronunciation: (mu-klān'), [key] 1882–1971, U.S. embryologist and anatomist.
4. Mary Ann. See Eliot, George.
5. Maurice, born 1901, U.S. actor and producer, born in England.
6. Oliver, 1755–1819, U.S. inventor: constructed the first high-pressure steam engine in the U.S. 1801?.
7. Rob•ley Dun•gli•son Pronunciation: (rob'lē dung'glu-sun), [key] (“Fighting Bob”), 1846–1912, U.S. admiral.
8. Ru•dulph Pronunciation: (rOO'dulf), [key] 1878–1960, U.S. sculptor.

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