fast' track'

1. a racetrack dry and hard enough for optimum speed.
2. a railroad track for express trains.
3. Informal.a situation or course of action that is intensely pressured or competitive, esp. one in which a person advances rapidly to a higher level in a business or profession: With two promotions in six months, he seems to have chosen the fast track.
4. on a or the fast track, Informal.
a. advancing or being promoted more rapidly than usual, esp. in business or other organizational positions: an executive on the fast track.
b. expanding or being developed or handled rapidly and often innovatively: a company on the fast track in computer technology. Cf. fast lane.


Pronunciation: (fast'trak', fäst'-), [key]
v.i., v.t.
to advance or develop rapidly.

of or pertaining to the fast track.

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