Pronunciation: (fel'ō), [key]
1. a man or boy: a fine old fellow; a nice little fellow.
2. Informal.beau; suitor: Mary had her fellow over to meet her folks.
3. Informal.person; one: They don't treat a fellow very well here.
4. a person of small worth or no esteem.
5. a companion; comrade; associate: They have been fellows since childhood.
6. a person belonging to the same rank or class; equal; peer: The doctor conferred with his fellows.
7. one of a pair; mate; match: a shoe without its fellow.
8. Educ.
a. a graduate student of a university or college to whom an allowance is granted for special study.
b. incorporated member of a college, entitled to certain privileges.
c. a member of the corporation or board of trustees of certain universities or colleges.
9. a member of any of certain learned societies: a fellow of the British Academy.
10. Obs.a partner.

1. to make or represent as equal with another.
2. produce a fellow to; match.

belonging to the same class or group; united by the same occupation, interests, etc.; being in the same condition: fellow students; fellow sufferers.

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